Revenge of the Mackem Squirrel!

It’s back! Waah! Barely a year since I last survived a terrifying squirrel attack in Sunderland!

Brighton Squirrel


I went to Brighton. I saw a squirrel! I saw other things too, but squirrel!

Sunderland Squirrel Attack!

Terrifying footage of my recent brush with death in Sunderland, when from out of nowhere I was attacked by a vicious Mackem squirrel!

Sunderland Bunny Nom Nom Video

As promised, the short video of the University of Sunderland bunny having their breakfast.

It’s a Sunderland University Bunny!

Sunderland Bunny

Well would you look at what we have here? If it isn’t fuzzy little bunnies at the University of Sunderland! Okay, you can only see one in the photo, but I assure you there were three of them hanging around when I took this photo, and I’ve seen then many times since. A short little video will be posted soon too!

Farewell Leo

Resting Leo

With a heavy heart, I need to report that our Leo, the Abominable Hamster, passed away peacefully in his sleep on December 27th. This is one of the last photos we have of him, snoozing away and looking cute as always. Farewell old man. We loved you.

Apple Nom Nom

Apple Nom Nom

Little Leo pinching a lit bit of my apple.

Smiley Leo

Smiley Leo

Caught Leo having a nap with a huge smile on his face.

Dreamy Nibbles

Caught Leo in between sleep and waking and having a right good nibble at the lanyard he pinched off me a little while ago.

The Bunnies Are Back!

The Bunnies Are Back

Walking home through Northumbria Uni the other day and spotted a bunny on the grounds for the first time in a good few years. Have seen more around Newcastle city centre in general lately. Lovely. 🙂