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Leo in the Bath

Behold! The Monster! Trapped! He had escaped for a little while, but fortunately we tricked him back into his cage before anyone was seriously hurt.

Bath Time Escape Attempt

The final found photo: Chewie attempting one of his world famous bath escapes.

Curiouser and Curiouser…

What’s going on in Chewie’s little mind here? Something along the lines of where’s my treat? I should think.

Bath Attack!

When we’re cleaning out Chewie’s home we stick him in the bath so he can’t escape and give him lots of toys to entrain himself. He was very energetic on this occasion for some reason, I love the bit where he tries to squeeze himself in between the rungs on the ladder.

The A-Mazing Chewbacca…

Chewie, demonstrating the problem solving intelligence of the hamster.