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I’m Not Getting Up! You Can’t Make Me!

And here is the naughty little hamster who managed to knock his house over, head firmly buried in the pillow like I suspect a lot of us will have done yesterday.

The Morning After the Night Before

“I shwear offisher… I have no idea how my housss got knocked over…” Happy New Year Everyone. However good your 2011 was, I hope 2012 is even better.

Exclusive Hamst-Avatar Behind the Scenes Photos!

You’ve seen the movie (I hope!) now see some exclusive behind the scenes photos! MPO files were converted to red-blue using this cool online tool: If you have yet to embrace the third dimension, normal JPEG versions now follow…

Presenting: Hamst-Avatar!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Christmas Day, the time of year for movie premieres on the telly! So what better time than to feature the world’s first ever (possibly) hamster movie in 3D! Presenting above is the 2D version for all of you unfortunate people still stuck with only length and breadth, but if you’re lucky enough […]

Chewie – The Great Broccoli Destruction of 2011!

I wonder what the broccoli did to deserve such destruction.

Chewie Looking for a Treat

He always come up to the cage like this and looks at us when he wants a wee chocolate or a dried banana chip. Those are his favourites.

Hamster Insolence!

You’ve seen him poking out his nose, now witness Chewbacca poking his bum out of his house! Cheeky hamster…

Chewie Poking His Nose Out

Little Chewbacca poking his nose out, investigating the smell coming from that new green thingie…

Meerkat Impression

Chewie, in the bath, doing his funny Meerkat impression. Simples!


Seriously! You need to back away from my food or I’m going to nibble you!