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Non-Vegan Bunny Advent Thingie

I almost wrote ‘calendar’ in the post title, but it’s not a calendar, just a series of numbered chocolate bars, all with cute little old-fashioned Christmas bunnies on it. My other half bought this one for me. 😀

Vegan Hamster Advent Calendar!

Saw this in Waitrose and who could resist a calendar from a company with hamsters and bunnies as part of their branding! The clincher was the company’s email address on the underside: But what does the chocolate taste like? I hear you asking… It’s lovely. Dark chocolate, very creamy and with just a hint […]

Hamsters Poison Chocolate Bars

And further proof that bunnies are collaborating too. Have no fear, I bought up the entire stock of this chocolate and am disposing of it safely.

Choccy Begging

Who could say no to a little choccy treat when he looks at you like that?