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Farewell Leo

With a heavy heart, I need to report that our Leo, the Abominable Hamster, passed away peacefully in his sleep on December 27th. This is one of the last photos we have of him, snoozing away and looking cute as always. Farewell old man. We loved you.

Apple Nom Nom

Little Leo pinching a lit bit of my apple.

Smiley Leo

Caught Leo having a nap with a huge smile on his face.

Dreamy Nibbles

Caught Leo in between sleep and waking and having a right good nibble at the lanyard he pinched off me a little while ago.

Leo’s Tongue

Spotted Leo’s new habit of poking out his tongue when chewing the bars. So cute!

Leo at the Office

Last time we went away for a few days we tied one of the water bottles to the cage with a lanyard I had lying around, just out of paranoia. We came home to discover that he had someone got it off and was not using it as part of his bedding! Silly hamster.

Sleepy Leo

I suppose one of the advantages of Leo’s aversion to houses is that we get to watch him sleeping. Funnily enough, I was round at a friend’s house last week and they have a huge Great Dane, and he curls up and sleeps just like this.

Leo Playing With New House

We’ve yet to find a nice little house for Leo that he likes and will use, you know, as a house. This is our latest attempt, which he promptly proceeded to eat and toss about his cage with wild abandon.

Leo on the TV

They’ll put any old rubbish on TV these days…

Leo’s Great Escape Attempt

Every time someone meet’s Leo, or sees a photo or video, the first remark is always, “A padlock, is that really necessary?”. This is the answer to that question!