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You Give Me Nice Bedding? Okay, I Eat

Finally, having had his fill of actual food – and made a mess! – our little Leo proceeds to much down some of his bedding.

Nibble Nibble Nom Nom Nom

Here he is having some nom noms from his newly cleaned and refreshed food bowl.

Leo’s Great Escape Plan!

I feel like I don’t have enough photos of Leo, but the problem is you see, that he is, for the most part, a manic blur of energy, and while I have taken many photos few of them are even remotely hamster like. Fortunately last time we were cleaning him out I was able to […]

Leo Treat Begging

As soon as I break out an apple the little monster smells it and comes up to the bars until he gets a little slice. At least I hope it’s the smell of the apple which he is attracted to, and not the smell or my sweet, sweet human flesh.

Leo in the Bath

Behold! The Monster! Trapped! He had escaped for a little while, but fortunately we tricked him back into his cage before anyone was seriously hurt.

Leo’s Acrobatics

Leo showing off his amazing acrobatic skills!

Leo On His First Day

A little video of Leo on his first day with us. He was then, and continues to be very young and energetic. He was very happy with his new wheel, he didn’t have one in his old home at the shop and the cage was half as small.

Leo at Christmas

He really is a manic little hamster when not sleeping; it’s taken me since before Christmas to get a decent shot of him with his little Christmas tree in the background. The colourful tube you can see in the back is his Christmas present. He’s not using the little wooden house, so we’re going to […]

Introducing: Leo the Abominable Hamster!

Everyone, this is Leo; Leo this is everyone! Leo has been with us a couple of weeks now, but after Roland we wanted to make sure he was fully settled in and okay before sharing the news. He’s a rescue hamster, and was about twelve weeks old when we got him. Very energetic, I think […]