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Revenge of the Mackem Squirrel!

It’s back! Waah! Barely a year since I last survived a terrifying squirrel attack in Sunderland!

Sunderland Bunny Nom Nom Video

As promised, the short video of the University of Sunderland bunny having their breakfast.

Dreamy Nibbles

Caught Leo in between sleep and waking and having a right good nibble at the lanyard he pinched off me a little while ago.

Leo at the Office

Last time we went away for a few days we tied one of the water bottles to the cage with a lanyard I had lying around, just out of paranoia. We came home to discover that he had someone got it off and was not using it as part of his bedding! Silly hamster.

Leo in the Bath

Behold! The Monster! Trapped! He had escaped for a little while, but fortunately we tricked him back into his cage before anyone was seriously hurt.

Edinburgh Squirrel

While in Edinburgh a little while ago we spotted a cute little squirrel running around a tree and were promptly subject to a vicious and sustained attack! Luckily we outfoxed the villainous fiend by moving to the side very slightly, only to witness to horrific mauling of a poor girl sat on a park bench […]

Leo’s Acrobatics

Leo showing off his amazing acrobatic skills!

Leo On His First Day

A little video of Leo on his first day with us. He was then, and continues to be very young and energetic. He was very happy with his new wheel, he didn’t have one in his old home at the shop and the cage was half as small.

Bath Attack!

When we’re cleaning out Chewie’s home we stick him in the bath so he can’t escape and give him lots of toys to entrain himself. He was very energetic on this occasion for some reason, I love the bit where he tries to squeeze himself in between the rungs on the ladder.

Presenting: Hamst-Avatar!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Christmas Day, the time of year for movie premieres on the telly! So what better time than to feature the world’s first ever (possibly) hamster movie in 3D! Presenting above is the 2D version for all of you unfortunate people still stuck with only length and breadth, but if you’re lucky enough […]