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Sunderland Bunny Nom Nom Video

As promised, the short video of the University of Sunderland bunny having their breakfast.

Apple Nom Nom

Little Leo pinching a lit bit of my apple.

Nibble Nibble Nom Nom Nom

Here he is having some nom noms from his newly cleaned and refreshed food bowl.

Nibble Nibble Nibble

Our Chewie is very nibbly at the moment, he spends ages on the bars like this until we give him a wee banana chip or a choccy. He’s trained us!

Chewie – The Great Broccoli Destruction of 2011!

I wonder what the broccoli did to deserve such destruction.

Chewie Poking His Nose Out

Little Chewbacca poking his nose out, investigating the smell coming from that new green thingie…