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Fenwicks 3 – Cheshire Cat

The third photo from Fewick’s Christmas window, Tweedle-Dum, Tweedle-Dee and a grinning Cheshire cat.

Fenwicks 2 – The Tea Party

Second Fenwick’s window photo – Alice at the mad hatter’s tea party, with a particularly demented bunny I think.

Fenwicks Christmas Window – Down the Rabbit Hole!

The Fenwicks Christmas window has been revealed! No hamsters, or even mice this year, but with an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme there is plenty of bunnies. I took some piccies and will post over the next few days.

Edinburgh Squirrel

While in Edinburgh a little while ago we spotted a cute little squirrel running around a tree and were promptly subject to a vicious and sustained attack! Luckily we outfoxed the villainous fiend by moving to the side very slightly, only to witness to horrific mauling of a poor girl sat on a park bench […]

Fenwicks Window…

Bunny! If you guessed bunny, give yourself a chocolate!

Christmas Mice in Fenwicks

The posh department store, Fenwicks, always has a really nice, old fashioned Christmas display, and these little mice reminded me of Chewie.

Another View of one of the Cafe Bunnies

And also, a photo-bombing pigeon.

My Fluffy Work Colleagues

I was walking to the cafe yesterday morning when I saw these cute, fat little bunnies playing around the bushes. Definitely my favourite work colleagues.