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Revenge of the Mackem Squirrel!

It’s back! Waah! Barely a year since I last survived a terrifying squirrel attack in Sunderland!

Brighton Squirrel

I went to Brighton. I saw a squirrel! I saw other things too, but squirrel!

Sunderland Squirrel Attack!

Terrifying footage of my recent brush with death in Sunderland, when from out of nowhere I was attacked by a vicious Mackem squirrel!

Edinburgh Squirrel

While in Edinburgh a little while ago we spotted a cute little squirrel running around a tree and were promptly subject to a vicious and sustained attack! Luckily we outfoxed the villainous fiend by moving to the side very slightly, only to witness to horrific mauling of a poor girl sat on a park bench […]