Fenwicks 2 – The Tea Party


Second Fenwick’s window photo – Alice at the mad hatter’s tea party, with a particularly demented bunny I think.

Fenwicks Christmas Window – Down the Rabbit Hole!


The Fenwicks Christmas window has been revealed! No hamsters, or even mice this year, but with an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme there is plenty of bunnies. I took some piccies and will post over the next few days.

Leo’s Great Escape Attempt

Every time someone meet’s Leo, or sees a photo or video, the first remark is always, “A padlock, is that really necessary?”. This is the answer to that question!

You Give Me Nice Bedding? Okay, I Eat


Finally, having had his fill of actual food – and made a mess! – our little Leo proceeds to much down some of his bedding.

Nibble Nibble Nom Nom Nom


Here he is having some nom noms from his newly cleaned and refreshed food bowl.

Leo’s Great Escape Plan!


I feel like I don’t have enough photos of Leo, but the problem is you see, that he is, for the most part, a manic blur of energy, and while I have taken many photos few of them are even remotely hamster like. Fortunately last time we were cleaning him out I was able to catch a few decent ones. I’ll post them over the next few days.

World Cup Hamster Bag


In addition to the goodies I posted yesterday, I also got this way cool shopping bag. Sweet.

Albert Heijn World Cup Swag


I was fortunate to be in Amsterdam during the world cup where Albert Heijn, who seem to have adopted a hamster as a mascot, had loads of different goodies available. This is my little haul, would have loved to get more of the minis but they weren’t for sale, you only got one when you spent €15.

Leo Treat Begging

Leo Treat Begging

As soon as I break out an apple the little monster smells it and comes up to the bars until he gets a little slice. At least I hope it’s the smell of the apple which he is attracted to, and not the smell or my sweet, sweet human flesh.

Leo in the Bath

Behold! The Monster! Trapped! He had escaped for a little while, but fortunately we tricked him back into his cage before anyone was seriously hurt.